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AC DC Mobile Solution

Your Asset Management workforce is on the move, our AC DC mobile apps allow technology to move with them.

AC DC is a Mobile Enterprise Asset Solutions that was built on the latest technology by Enterprise Asset Solutions users who tried most all other prominent Enterprise Asset Solutions mobile solutions on the market today. Grable Consulting Services developers realized that mobile Enterprise Asset Solutions should be a much better user experience. AC DC is a cloud based web application platform combining Application creation tools, BI analyst oversite and work management platforms.  The AC DC Platform combines the ability to create applications that interact mobile as well as through native desktop browsers.  This with the ability to connect with virtually any Enterprise Asset Solutions system through a built-in REST API interface make the AC DC platform a robust and flexible option for most any Enterprise Asset Solutions.You might ask how is AC DC different than other Enterprise Asset Solutions Mobile solutions – aside from the technical aspects being the latest fastest technology, it’s far more user-friendly and flexible. This approach allows the Grable Consulting Services developers to customize things in hours that would take days & weeks in older technology. The platform has evolved from just mobile data capture and simple forms to mobile work management and complex widgets having been developed and deployed on many of the applications not found on many of the current mobile Enterprise Asset Solutions suites.

AC DC is:

  • Reliable and secure Asset Management mobile apps that are hosted in the cloud
  • Scalable to any sized business or need
  • 100% configurable and customizable
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices
  • Competitively priced
  • Accessible on the mobile apps in both a connected and disconnected mode
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset / Inventory Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Real Time Push Notifications
  • Two way SMS Messaging
  • Exporting Capabilities
  • Email / Print PDF Work Orders
  • Email / Print PDF Invoices
  • Camera & Photo Storage
  • Enhanced Scheduling
  • Electronic Signature approvals

Want to learn more? See what others have to say about AC DC:

After several uses, the AC DC tool has proven to be flexible in small to very large scopes and very forward thinking in its design and capabilities.”
Service Operations – North America
Talen Energy utilizes the AC DC software as a mobile solution, integrating directly into IBM Maximo so users can work in the field and interface with the system without key punching at a desk. It is currently providing inventory control for our large central warehouse supporting our power generation plants.” Charles Talen Energy

AC DC Language Support

English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French,
Norwegian, German, Hebrew, and Russian.

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